How ?

By sharing the knowledge I have learned over the past 20 years in business with you, while I gather and disseminate baby boomer knowledge to you at the same time. That’s how!

I want to create a medium where the things I have learned by studying and completing 2 undergraduate degrees, a masters degree, making mistakes, reading hundreds of books,  getting 2 professional certifications, and becoming a leader can be documented without you having to do all of that work! It was PAINFUL along the journey at a lot of different times… Trust me! I often felt lost, disenchanted, frustrated and alone on my leadership journey. My goal is to lay out a more succinct road map for you, and make it easier!

At the same time as sharing the knowledge I have obtained, I want to take this a step further.  I will do this by collecting and documenting baby boomer’s knowledge as they retire, in order to transfer that knowledge to aspiring leaders in easy to consume formats. I believe we are facing a significant issue in business today, with the amount of knowledge leaving our organizations, as the baby boomer generation retires at unprecedented rates.  I don’t believe that the next generation of leaders is yet prepared  for the roles that we will be needing them to take on from the boomers in the short future. I want to help fill that gap.

If there is one thing I have become keenly aware of over the past 20 years it is this.  The more I learn, the more I realize that I really don’t l know much, and that I have so much more to learn!

WHY am I doing this?

  • To allow you to Create Value, Lead Effectively, and Make an Impact TODAY!
  • To share what I have learned  that has enabled me to become more successful, but in a more concise and easier to consume format.
  • To avoid the disappearance of the vast amounts of information and knowledge that baby boomers have acquired in their careers, so you can leverage it for quicker professional and personal growth.
  • To continuously learn from retiring boomers, while documenting everything they tell me to avoid their knowledge from being lost forever.

I want to make an impact on your career, and I want to avoid wasting our time.  I want to inspire leaders to grow faster than their peers, and to sail past the competition when they are in line for a promotion. I want to teach people the skills I have learned that have led to my success, and that they need to succeed, but are not getting taught to them in school. I want to prevent the tremendous amounts of knowledge our parent’s generation is walking out of our companies with every day from being lost for good. I want to do all of this while having fun along the way… To me, if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!

Please join me on this journey! If you like the idea, please follow my blog, add me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube below… I promise to deliver relevant, valuable content that will help you!



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  1. Tim: just found Boomer Knowledge and I’m going to keep following you! GrannyMAC

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