I can look at the challenges as opportunities to learn, negotiate, and increase influence, or I can look at them as roadblocks I cannot overcome.

I can embrace change, uncertainty and challenges as opportunities to learn how to work in a challenging environment, and be thankful that the environment is not more challenging (warzone), or I can complain, when in reality, I have absolutely nothing to complain about…I can spread positivity, joy, and graciousness to my team, or I can spread frustration, challenges, and negativity.

I have a choice, every single day, I have a choice, and I have an opportunity to positively affect others interactions with their jobs and with me.

The only thing I can do is to have the right conversations with the right people regarding my work, regarding my abilities, and regarding getting things done. I need to focus every day on making a Positive Contribution, and getting work done.

I am managed and led based on my contributions and  my RESULTS, not based on my efforts. My focus needs to be my management of myself and my time, and the best ways to get RESULTS.

I need to maintain motivation on a daily basis, stay focused on getting things done, and ignore the noise!

The only thing I can control is my own ATTITUDE!

Nothing can stop someone with the right mental attitude from achieving their goals, and nothing on earth can help the person with the wrong mental attitude.

Stop letting FEAR control you, and start getting something done immediately. Take ACTION NOW!Tomorrow is too late… get it going now!

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