10x Your Influence, just by being a good person!

The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good. (author unknown)

Going back to this quote, and living it, are the keys to becoming one of the most liked people in your office and increasing your influence. 2 simple ways to do this.

  1. Ask people questions about themselves, and genuinely listen to their responses and show interest in them.
  2. Go out of your way to help other people as a your modus operandi, and expect absolutely nothing in return!

Do these 2 things and you will 10X your influence naturally…

Why is this? It is because two of the universal principles of influence are being leveraged. Liking and Reciprocity. People LIKE people who allow them to talk about themselves and truly listen. They also like people that do nice things for them. Simple I know, but it is true… Think about people you really like… Now think about if they listen to you, and randomly do nice things for you??? They probably do, and that is part of why you like them so much! 😊 People that like you are more likely to help you out when you are trying to get something approved, or get a project completed.

People also naturally feel inclined to reciprocate if you do something for them. If you go out of your way to smile, hold the door for people, print something off, take notes in a meeting, provide information, do research etc, people will naturally want to help you out when you need to get something done. Keep in mind, you cannot be disingenuous with this! People see right through you if you are doing stuff for them, with the expectation that you will get something in return. You have to genuinely do things for people to help them out, because you want to! I know, it seems ridiculously easy. This shouldn’t be hard, but people are inherently selfish!

You are helping people NOT because you expect reciprocity in the future, but because you genuinely want to make other people’s lives easier! Karma comes back around, and eventually this will make your life easier… Also, it will make your day much happier and more pleasant. Trust me!

One last thing to realize and remember. Everyone in the workplace has challenges, problems and issues they are dealing with both inside and outside the office. Realize that you do not know now, nor will you ever know, what everyone around you is dealing with…

Spreading happiness, smiles, and joy is just as easy as spreading gossip, negativity, and complaints.

The CHOICE is yours to make. I promise you that if you spread joy and do things for other people, people will like you more, you will be happier, and you will get more done!