Welcome to BOOMER Knowledge! I have been fiddling with different iterations of this idea for about 5 or 6 years now, and decided it’s finally time to give it a whirl.

The single mission of the company is to document baby boomer’s knowledge as they retire at unprecedented rates, and transfer that knowledge to aspiring leaders in easy to consume formats.

I want to do this differently.

I want to make an impact on your career, and I want to do it without all the fluff.

I am setting out to never send a blog or article titled “6 things not to say in an interview” or “10 things to think about before age 25.” The internet is already full of a million and one of these advice articles, that honestly end up just being confusing. If this sounds good to you, go ahead and click my follow link to join my email list… If you don’t like what I send, then you can delete me as quickly as you added me.

My aim for the content on this site is to:

  1. Document baby boomer’s business knowledge from multiple different industries and locations across the country, and deliver it to you all consistently
  2. Keep the content short, easy to consume,  and simple!
  3. Create content that allows YOU to “Create More Value, Lead More Effectively, and Make More Impact”
  4. Have fun along the way… To me, if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!

I want to inspire leaders to grow faster than their peers, and to sail past the competition when they are in line for a promotion. I want to teach people the skills they need to succeed that are not getting taught to them in school. I want to prevent the tremendous amounts of knowledge our parent’s generation are walking out of our companies with every day from being lost for good.

Please join me on this journey that I embark on today. Your feedback, comments, and ideas are always welcome!

I appreciate you!



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